The transport and mobility sector in India is growing fast, and the demand for skilled labor is skyrocketing. In today’s time, transportation and mobility are not only about going from one place to another. But it is more about comfort, convenience, technology, experience, speed, and all at a very affordable price.

Additionally, the concept of sustainable mobility and e-mobility has attracted people’s interest, which in turn has prompted manufacturers to invest more in these new and advanced technologies.

As the global transportation and mobility sector has changed drastically over time, it has also opened up many new career opportunities. If you want to seek a Transportation and Mobility Design career, you can avail various opportunities today as transportation companies not only require engineers to design vehicles but also need skilled design professionals who are able to understand better automotive aesthetics and technical designers. The companies also need consultants for automotive analysis to remain competitive and stay ahead of the competitors.

Degree program to consider in transportation design & mobility design

Bachelor of Design and Master of Design degree programs focus on design-oriented research and develop creative professionals. This field is not only for engineering students, but also the candidates with a bachelor’s degree in Transportation Design or Mobility Design can design cars or any type of mobility involving the transportation of people and goods.

While with a Master’s degree in Transportation Design, candidates will learn critical, analytical, speculative, and reflective problem-solving skills in a cohesive manner. The PG program aims to provide creative solutions by understanding the fundamentals of engineering design.

Careers that a student may choose to pursue after completing a design degree

The field of automotive design is a highly skilled field that needs professionals having a combination of technical, safety, business, and artistic skills. It is a collaborative effort, with each team member contributing their unique skills. The field is dynamic and ever-changing, providing the designer with a powerful and progressive work environment. If you want to work in this progressive field then you should first pursue a Transportation and Mobility Design course from a reputed design college like- The Design Village.

With a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Transport and Mobility Design, one can get access to numerous job opportunities. Some of the best career opportunities available to successful students are the below:

Transportation Designer: As the name implies, a transportation designer is a professional who can design any form of transportation or vehicle, from cars to bicycles to aircraft to watercraft. This requires the professional to do thorough research and analysis, as there is a lot of critical thinking behind the design of the product. The person must be open to studying different transportation systems, from land to air to water, in order to develop the best design models.

Heavy Vehicle Manufacturers: Apart from the need for designers for cars and bicycles, there is also a great demand for designers for commercial and industrial vehicles such as semi-trailers, trucks, passenger buses, vehicle carriers, etc.

Clay Modelling and Prototyping: Over the years, the clay modeling of vehicles has become very important. Clay models help visualize a particular concept and turn an idea into a tangible product. These prototypes are then presented to manufacturers for a final decision on production. With a design program in transport and mobility from The Design Village (TDV), you can learn the required expertise. To pursue a design course, you should apply now to the college and secure a seat.

Digital Sculptors: The design sculptors are the designers who design digitally. They use mathematical data to digitally create 3D models that help in the design and development of the vehicle.

Colour Material and Surface Designers: The final look of a vehicle is what attracts the customers the most. Color and material designers must research colour and material trends. He is responsible for carefully suggesting colors for the exterior and interior of cars that are consistent with the brand image and appeal to the general public.

Car Accessories Designer: You can also work as a car accessory designer. You can use your creative instincts to improve a car aesthetically. Seat covers, lampshades, cushions, consoles, and more – this is where you can put your skills into use.

Entrepreneurship: The automotive industry is huge and always progressing. You can use your skills and vision to become an entrepreneur in this industry. First, learn what in the automotive industry excites you the most and accordingly your connections to start your own business.

Transportation or mobility design is a real new, booming industry, providing a range of Transportation & Mobility Design Career scope for all the aspiring designers who want to showcase their design skills in the automotive industry. So, by the pursuing transportation and mobility design course from a top institute, you can rest assured of a fulfilling career ahead in this field.