The Village

Much like an actual village, the design village is an organic whole where culture is respected and rediscovered. A space where one feels a sense of belonging and responsibility, where values of empathy are nurtured by supporting fellow villagers and the village itself.

The Villager

A design villager has the capacity to envision dreams and the skills to realize them, making them a thinker and a doer.

The Villaging

Villaging refers to all activities undertaken for self development and learning, as well as participating in evolving and maintaining the village itself.

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1. Unlearning

This introductory orientation activity entices one to let go of all preconceived ideas and notions.

2. What Design Can Do

WDCD explains and exhibits the power of design to students. It is about making them aware of the field they want to operate in.

3. The Pilgrimage

At one point, each student is sent into the wild (alone!) for a period of time to discover the world and themselves.

4. The Trip Together

At various points, groups of students and course leaders go out together for a few days.

5. Communal work

Every villager (student and teacher) spends around 10% of his time on communal work for the village or the community outside.

6. Play hard

Villaging includes sports, adventure, theatre, and music activities as a part of it to ensure that villagers learn the lessons that come only by playing and participating.

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7. Diary

From the first day, students are encouraged to keep a track of their personal journey by maintaining a journal in which they reflect on everything

8. D Parent Retreat

During their journey, the villager is expected to spend a retreat with his/her D Parent

9. Disconnection

In order to ensure that the mind is de-cluttered without the stimulations of technology, TDV will observe a day/a week or a month of no connectivity.

10. International Semester

The semester spent abroad is more about experiences than academics and therefore finds its place in villaging.

11. TDV Journey

learning manifesto and itinerary– envisaging one’s own vision and mapping the path undertaken to fulfill that aim.

12. Meeting the Stars

meeting and interacting with TDV Heroes (examples given as annexures) is a villaging activity to excite and inspire villagers.


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TDV brings Industry to the classroom to create an integrated experience filled with exciting career opportunities.



Baskets are thematic fields that contain a number of courses based on the nuances of professional development.



In this group, the student is expected to execute design projects of varying time frames and complexities..