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8th August 2022
5 Years
UGC recognised degree in Integrated Masters
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The new National Education Policy 2020 shifts the lens from the dated and rigid silo restricted unilateral learning systems and assesses multidisciplinary pathways with flexible curricular structures to enable an all encompassing learning environment and creative combinations of disciplines allowing for multiple exit/entry points, thereby enabling new possibilities of lifelong learning.

This in turn would provide multidisciplinary work opportunities flanked across academia, industry and government.

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M.Des Integrated is a 5 year degree programme recognised under University Grants Commission, w.e.f., academic year 2021-2022. The programme would allow an independent learner to opt for a 5 year continuous curricular trajectory where the formative semesters would be dedicated to a holistic multidisciplinary learning with choice Based credit systems allowing mobility across silos, followed by rigorous research based, industry ready incubators to ensure a thorough learning paradigm.

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5 Year Integrated Master

Over a course of five years, a student will become aware of themselves and their values. They will understand what they consider important and care about in the world and how to let this drive their design education

The journey is based on the learning manifesto of each student and the itinerary chalked out to achieve it and hence the journey undertaken by every villager at TDV is unique, and bespoke and it does not have to cease at the end of four years. Although the journey is individual, the villager is not alone. There is a support system of relevant people, to assist the villagers at every junction. Each villager charters their own personal learning path. This path is custom made for them with a great mix and match of experiences, projects and tools through three streams of interrelated activities:

  • Villaging - ‘Villaging’ activities for personal development, with the goal to build the TDV community and oneself. It constitutes minimum 25% to maximum 35% of overall time at TDV. The international exchange program, which is a part of villaging activities, lasts for a duration of six months i.e. one complete semester and is mandatory for all students. The duration of villaging activities can range from continuing ongoing activities, weeks to weekends, single day activities or just a couple of hours. These activities are therefore encouraged, to be undertaken during one’s own personal time
  • Baskets - Baskets that contain clusters of courses characterized by a common theme, discipline or learning objective. It constitutes minimum 35% to maximum 45% of overall time at TDV.
  • Taskbox - Design projects to be retrieved from the ‘task box’, where everything is based on reality. It constitutes minimum 30% to maximum 40% of overall time at TDV.

M.Des Integrated is especially designed for self-driven lifelong learners. An ideal place for individuals who are aspiring to make a difference in the real world or looking to realize a purpose

With this approach, the institute becomes a vehicle for the learner to find their own place in the world, while maintaining a synergy with every journey being pursued. The journey ensues a dialogue between the student and society, engendering long term change in the position of design in the Indian context.

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Place in the World & Position of the Self

The Integrated Master’s is designed to create a positioning specific journey which helps a student articulate their place in the world. Looking at Place & Position as the dialectic of practice— Place being external to where I fit or what I can, while position being internal to who I am.

The overall journey helps one answer the question:
“What kind of designer am I?”


The eco-system comprises Studio Archohm and The Design Village Institute, their respective networks and associations. The physical proximity of the learning environments is leveraged and emphasized.


Executive design courses


    Master of Design (Integrated)

    Master of Design (Integrated) in Space & Interior Design

    Master of Design (Integrated) in Graphic & Communication Design

Admission Process

All Selected Bdes Applicants Will Be Considered For The Mdes Integrated Program.

Fee Structure

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All prices mentioned in INR


For funding options, founders' scholarships, financial and loan assistance please contact Please note that funding assistance is limited and is solely based on the discretion of the Financial Aid Office and all the decisions made under their purview shall be final and binding in all.


  1. The fee may be paid by a Demand Draft / Cheque in favor of “The Design Village Foundation”, payable at Delhi
  2. Fee may also be deposited through NEFT/RTGS the details of which are given below
Mode of Payment courses

For other digital modes of payment, please get in touch with us.


  • The fee is inclusive of all taxes.
  • Registration fee and University Collaboration Fee are non-refundable.
  • Students are requested to pay the semester fees within the stipulated time for admission confirmation.
  • Please note that the institute will levy a charge of Rs. 5000 towards dishonoured cheques.
  • The Institute reserves the right to increase the fee towards any course of study at the beginning of the subsequent academic year of the course.



  1. It is a more intensive course.
  2. Number of student contact weeks is more than in a normal 2 year master.
  3. Eligibility is for a TDV B.Des student only (therefore it is a second design degree master where a foundation is required.)

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