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" TDV is a school that takes design responsibility seriously and unconditionally. It's not just a school; it's a sanctuary where design is embraced with unmatched seriousness and dedication, offering a path to meaningful creative impact. "

Prof. Paul Hekkert
Founding Member, TDV
Professor, IDE, TU Delft


Design Degree courses

our programmes

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Our undergraduate design courses rise above the
classic approach by aiming to educate not only skilled but also responsible designers that are able to tackle the world’s complicated challenges for both industry and society.

 GRADUATE Programes

A villager arrives for this Master's program because
they feel they are ready to gather experiences needed
to discover their position and place. Driven by personal
curiosity and need for external impact they indulge in
this enquiry after their undergraduate journey.


Admissions 2024

You can Design Everything

We welcome students who are aware, compassionate, courageous and persevering as these are vital qualities for being a good designer of the future. If you are an outlier, a challenger, a creator or an explorer. We are waiting for you!

TDV & industry

through Design

Our graduates intervene meaningfully in multiple domains
and sectors with sustainability, entrepreneurship and
technology as their main focus.

I have been pleasantly surprised by how efficiently this school is functioning; how critical the students are and how driven they are to make a change with their work.

Anna Noyons
Ink social design studio,
Amsterdam, Netherlands


Thanks for this beautiful discovery. We will work to weave our connections with this school. We have been very impressed by their will, creativity, resilience and assertiveness.

Anne Sarah Panhard
Managing Director,
Hermes Home Collections
Paris, France


Striving for sustainability and responsibility in our actions, the journey towards success may be small, but it's a testament to the dedication of individuals from diverse fields discussing EV technology, biodiversity, green job opportunities, and inspiring greater accountability. We look forward to more such collaborations with The Design Village, expressing our heartfelt gratitude, and envisioning a future filled with such impactful dialogues.

Jalesh Arya
National Chair - Climate Change Vertical
Young Indians - India

CII younf


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First prize in Cumulus Green
2022- Nurturing our planet

A team of TDV students ventured to address the UN SDG - Zero Hunger through an aqua farming based intervention that aims to bring food security and self-reliance for Rohingya refugees

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Fashion Reset

Anshika’s Final Design Project journey aims to fully understand the reason why luxury fashion brands feel the need to destroy billions’ worth of their own merchandise

project3 images

The Women of Wool - textile
recycling in Panipat

The women of Wool is an end manifestation of a social audit conducted for a European company, to map their supply chain across the globe.

project4 images

Selving : Market of selves

The project speculates human commoditization as a means of income caused by the loss of jobs due to automation.

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As a part of the annual biodesign studio at The Design Village, a cohort of interdisciplinary learners took forth the challenge to tackle the taboo around menstruation.


News & updates

JULY 6, 2022

The Design Village offer scholarships worth 1.5 cr

Scholarship is granted on the basis of performance in the The Design Village Entrance Exam, as well as the financial need of the student

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June 29, 2022

The Design Village students shine by Winning 1st Prize at Cumulus Green 2022

Students of The Design Village (TDV) win first place in Cumulus Green 2022 under this year’s theme- Nurturing Our Planet. Their project titled “Self-reliance for the Persecuted”

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June 20, 2022

The Design Village (TDV) organizes a photography exhibition attended by many European expatriates.

Photography is an essential element of design, as a good visual reference can help create a better design and convey the message.

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May 30, 2022

Off Campus Course Learning in Full Swing at The Design Village (TDV)

For off Campus courses The Design village (TDV) took 50 students to Saroda Village,Garhwal, Uttrakhand.

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april 28, 2022

The Design Village students’ work to be displayed at Boisbuchet's Chateau in France

Students from The Design Village at Domaine de Boisbuchet in France.

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