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15th November 2021
Executive - 52 Weeks
UGC recognised degree in Masters in design
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The classical way of approaching education is usually to create a learning environment within a bubble, where a student is allowed to grow without having to reckon with the realities of the world. Students are educated within silos and fail to comprehend the complexity of the design problems that face us and our surroundings.

The current times demand a change. We need to step out of our bubbles and steer towards impact as an integral part of the education process.

Executive courses


The one year program is a practice-based Masters. Especially designed for self-driven lifelong learners. An ideal place for individuals who are aspiring to make a difference in the real world or looking to realize a purpose.

With this approach, the institute becomes a vehicle for the learner to find their own place in the world, while maintaining a synergy with every journey being pursued. The journey ensues a dialogue between the student and society, engendering long term change in the position of design in the Indian context.

Executive design courses

Place in the World & Position of the Self

The 1 yr Master’s is designed to create a positioning specific journey which helps a student articulate their place in the world. Looking at Place & Position as the dialectic of practice— Place being external to where I fit or what I can, while position being internal to who I am.

The overall journey helps one answer the question:
“What kind of designer am I?”


The eco-system for Practice of Design comprises Studio Archohm and The Design Village Institute, their respective networks and associations. The physical proximity of the learning environments is leveraged and emphasized.


  • Opportunity to validate your ideas in a real world setting.
  • Learning with Indian and international facilitators to get a global perspective.
  • Learning through a n individual journey driven environment.
  • International and national exposure through inspirational travel.
  • Award winning campus of the design village and studio archohm

STRUCTURE - The Journey

  • 52-weeks trimester
  • Unique individually designed journey
  • A self-driven year-long project
  • Short community project - roleplaying as team members
  • Pilgrimage - an expedition to better understand oneself
  • Manifesto writing for personal journey development
  • Learning to negotiate with real life scenarios and clients
  • Interaction with mentors, coaches and consultants
  • International cohort of professional expert coaches from different domains


The Masters is a 52 week program, spanning over 3 semesters and 60 credits.

Executive design courses

The program is divided into three components:

  • Structured Courses
  • Position Finding
  • Place Making

Admission Process

  • STATEMENT OF PURPOSE & INTENT: Aspirants are required to submit a Statement of Purpose and Intent of at least 1000words explaining their motivation to join this program. (via email)
  • PORTFOLIO: Through a selection of five projects, pupils will be assessed on their ability to analyse observations from multiple perspectives and draw inferences. Taking positions and building an argument on issues and its communication will be considered. (via email)
  • INTERVIEW: The pupils will be invited for a comprehensive and rigorous discussion with the core team.(online and on campus)

Fee Structure

Executive courses

All prices mentioned in INR


For funding options, founders' scholarships, financial and loan assistance please contact Please note that funding assistance is limited and is solely based on the discretion of the Financial Aid Office and all the decisions made under their purview shall be final and binding in all.


  1. The fee may be paid by a Demand Draft / Cheque in favor of “The Design Village Foundation”, payable at Delhi
  2. Fee may also be deposited through NEFT/RTGS the details of which are given below
Mode of Payment courses

For other digital modes of payment, please get in touch with us.


  • The fee is inclusive of all taxes.
  • Registration fee and University Collaboration Fee are non-refundable.
  • Students are requested to pay the semester fees within the stipulated time for admission confirmation.
  • Please note that the institute will levy a charge of Rs. 5000 towards dishonoured cheques.
  • The Institute reserves the right to increase the fee towards any course of study at the beginning of the subsequent academic year of the course.



The Practice of Design has been conceived for designers looking to find their Place in the World and Position of the Self. The learning environment is a cohabitation of the atelier and institutional spaces within the same ecosystem. Academic coaches and industry consultants work in conjunction to bridge the gap between theory and practice. The aim is for each designer to find external affirmation and plausible vistas to launch their ideas through navigating the complexities of the real world.

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