TDV, seamlessly combines its local roots with a commitment to global design education. Through the exchange Semester program, summer-winter schools, guest lectures, international industry relations, and multiple international MOUs, TDV empowers students with a comprehensive and transformative educational experience. These initiatives provide learners with opportunities to immerse themselves in diverse cultural and educational environments, engage in interdisciplinary learning, collaborate with renowned professionals, gain real-world industry experience, and build global networks. The Design Village cultivates a global perspective, fostering the development of adaptable, creative, and globally-minded design professionals prepared to excel in the international design industry.

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Our partners

partner noida

Noida International University is a UGC recognised, world-class university offering a variety of programmes in Engineering, Management, Law, Medical and Social Sciences. The Design Village is the official technical collaborator and skill enhancement centre for the school of design at NIU.

partner boisbuchet

TDV’s collaboration with Domaine de Boisbuchet, France, provides a comprehensive design education by hosting our annual Summer-Winter School at this idyllic location allowing our students to immerse themselves in a creative haven. Domaine de Boisbuchet’s picturesque setting and world-class facilities provide an inspiring backdrop for design exploration.

partner lecole
lecole de Logo

We are the esteemed Asia partner of L’Ecole De Design Nantes, offering our students a remarkable opportunity to spend a transformative semester at their campus in France. This partnership fosters cultural exchange and exposes our students to diverse design perspectives. It exemplifies TDV’s dedication to globalizing design education and ensuring that our students gain an enriched international experience that sets them apart in the ever-evolving design industry.

partner delft
tu delft Logo

TU Delft is amongst the largest university of design in the world. TDV’s partnership with TU Delft brings global excellence to our design programs. TU Delft’s influence on our curriculum enhances students’ exposure to cutting-edge design and engineering. This collaboration underscores TDV’s commitment to providing world-class design education with international perspectives.

partner politecnico
politecnico logo

Politecnico Milano’s dedication to quality and innovation aligns seamlessly with TDV’s ethos. Through this partnership, our students gain invaluable insights from experts in engineering, architecture, and industrial design. This collaboration facilitates the exchange of knowledge and fosters a dynamic environment where academia meets industry. TDV students benefit from a rich academic experience that prepares them to position themselves in the global design-landscape.

partner delinkft
ink partner

The partnership between TDV and INK, Amsterdam, is based on the foundation of an enduring relationship. With a strong focus on social design, this collaboration promises ongoing technological exchanges, impactful projects, and sustainable change. Together, we aspire to shape a world that’s more inclusive and sustainable or generations to come.Our graduates intervene meaningfully in multiple domains and sectors with sustainability, entrepreneurship and technology as their main focus.

partner WDCD
WDCD logo

TDV’s collaboration with What Design Can Do (WDCD) is an exciting endeavor that aligns with our shared belief in the transformative power of design. As we prepare to host WDCD, we anticipate a vibrant exchange of fresh ideas, visionary speakers, and dynamic interactions. This partnership promises to inspire creativity and innovation, bringing together designers, businesses, NGOs, and governments to address complex global challenges.

People of tdv

TDV has an inspiring International Board of professors and
professionals that are instrumental in its evolution. The core
team anchors the overall ambition of the project through
academics, outreach, international and industry relations

 Paul - Founding member

Paul Hekkert

Professor | IDE, TUDelft

vishwanath - Advisors

Vishwanath Kashikar

Associate Professor | CEPT University

 Ranu - Advisors

Ranu Kawatra

Former CEO | Pearson

 Paul - Founding member

Jeroen Van Erp

Partner | Fabrique Professor | TU Delft

 Mridu - Co-Founder

Rishi Aggrawal

Managing Director | JCBL

Navneet - Founder

Navneet Garg

Founder | CAYA

valentina - Professor

Valentina Auricchio

Assistant Professor | Politecnico di Milano

 Alexander - Advisors

Alexander Von Vegesack

Founder | Domaine de Boisbuchet

Sagar Gupta - Director

Sagar Gupta

Director- Enrollment and Marketing (Growth)

Anusha - Head

Anusha Dhawan

Head | Impact

mudita Pasari

Mudita Pasari

Academic Dean


Vatsal Agrawal

Associate Dean Executive Affairs

Sourabh - Co-Founder

Sourabh Gupta

Founder, The Design Village

Sourabh - Co-Founder

Mridu Sahai


Mukesh Accounts

Mukesh Kukreja

Head | Accounts

Harris - Videographer

Harris George Stephen

Head | Communication

mudita Pasari

Mudita Pasari

Academic Dean
PhD. | TU Delft (Pursuing)
B.Des | NID

Lena Ragade Gupta

Lena Ragade Gupta

Associate Dean
B. Arch | CEPT

Pritesh Maru

Pritesh Maru

B.Des | NID

Shazaman Saiyed

Shazaman Saiyed

PG | Texas University
Anant Fellow
B.arch | VDA

Kshitij Bahl

Kshitij Bahl

Taskbox Manager
M. Sc. | Politecnico Di Milano


Priankar Dasgupta

Atelier Manager
M.Des | Istituto Europeo Di Design


Tarique Ahamed

M.Des | NID

smriti sinha

Smriti Sinha

B.Des | NIFT


Archit Dhiman

B.Des | TDV

kunika sharma

Kunika Sharma

M.Des | TDV


Abir sheikh

PG Diploma | RCA


Maliha Sultan

Pursuing Ph.D I CEPT


Yashika Munjal

M.Des I Goldsmiths,
University of London


Abhilasha Prajapati

Graduate in Graphic Design I NID


Zosangpuii Pachuau

Bachelors in Textile Design I NID