Industry Highlights

The environment of constantly connecting with the outside world and coming back to the world inside, is encouraged and inculcated at TDV. Hence while the students are still in college, they get connected with the Industry, and get windows to practice how real time projects, businesses and organisations function.


Internships & Projects

Through TDV's association with seasoned professionals, global industries and their experts, our students and graduates go on to intern with and get hired at many known names across the globe. TDV graduates today successfully command a variety of roles across sectors with sustainability, entrepreneurship and technology as their core DNA.

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TDV takes up multiple projects as in-house consultancy called The Design Cell, where graduates, student interns and faculty members work together to provide the client with a ready-to-execute design solution. Through such opportunities, our students and graduates go on to intern with and get hired at many known names across the globe.

Design cell

Branding & Identity
Wharton India Economic Forum

TDV as a design partner to the prestigious Wharton India created the identity and visual branding through The Design Cell for Wharton India’s Annual Economic Forum 2023. Furthering the space for design teams based out of The Design Village to build a robust exchange with the industry at large the team comprised a recent graduate and a faculty guide who together took the project to execution.

Design cell

Enhancing Brand Experience

TDV and Muji, the renowned Japanese brand, share a robust and enduring partnership. TDV has participated and proposed interventions in Muji’s brand experience by meticulously mapping stores’ journey and infusing creativity through “Muji Week” pop-ups in Delhi stores. This collaboration holds promise for exciting future growth and innovation at the design-retail nexus.

Design cell

Yashraj Bharati Samman
Yashraj Research Foundation

The Design cell at TDV has designed and executed the visual identity and felicitation ceremony for this annual grassroots leadership recognition. Yashraj Bharati Samman (YBS) instituted by Yashraj Research Foundation (YRF), with the intent to show respect and deepest gratitude towards the forces fighting for the betterment of India and its citizens which contribute towards innovation in healthcare, ethical governance and transforming lives.

Design cell

The Women of Wool
Equiception x Sentio Advisory

The Women of Wool is an end manifestation of a social audit conducted for a European company, to map their supply chain across the globe. Through extensive ethnographic research, tracing the sustainability of the larger recycling process, the project creates a narrative outlining the situations of the local women and throws light on the agency they may or may not have.


Design projects

Our learners designed courageous and foresighted projects which seek new definitions for the future and innovate solutions for a sustainable lifestyle.


Packaging Design

Our learners, Natasha, Arsad, Tanish & Kunika, participated in Biodesign challenge to create SPOIL. A Sustainable Packaging for Oil, focused on the production, consumption, and externalities of the edible oil industry which aims to benefit all stakeholders involved in the system. The pellets, made of a layer of saturated fat containing unsaturated fatty acids are packed in a dispenser made of a biomaterial- oilcake.

Research cell

Ethics in BioDesign

In Tanish Agrawal's project, the exploration delves into the ethical implications of Biodesign, shedding light on the integration of living organisms and synthetic biology. This study critically analyzes the moral aspects of modifying life forms, underscoring the pivotal role played by synthetic biology.


Indian Character Design for Valorant
Graphic Design

Shubham Mishra's in his Final Design Project creates a brave agent in India that does not harm anyone’s beliefs. This project aims to propose Riot Games as a concept that will help it grow better in the fast-growing Indian Esports. Valorant is one of the most played games in India, and Riot Games has installed a server dedicated to Indian players in Mumbai; this could be expanded to more servers as demand grows. There are many agents (characters) representing a particular country.


Transportation & Mobility Design

In Semester 8, UG 2019, Vinay designed an autonomous vehicle which carries one person for intercity travel with the aim to reduce traffic volume, air pollution and noise pollution.

Product Design

Product Design

The project developed by Akshita , Kashish , Riya & Muskan, tackles the challenges around menstruation, be it about being a taboo, degrading our environment and about infecting the vagina. It involved a method that would allow people to donate their menstrual flow with the eventual objective of extracting stem cells (menSCs), therefore contributing to medical science to save genetically related people in the future.

ashion Design

Fashion Reset
Fashion Design

Anshika’s Final Design Project journey aims to fully understand the reason why luxury fashion brands feel the need to destroy billions’ worth of their own merchandise and therefore uses a design approach that would provoke conversations and make people think about the possible consequences of their choices.

Space Design

Space Design

Shireen , Syed Badri & Tarushee Sachdeva designed an environment for neglected cats that rejuvenates them through space for The People for Animal Shelter – an animal welfare center in the NCR, India. Keeping the behavior of cats as a foundation and eliminating any possible stressors, students created an oasis to address their needs. The design also allows birds to rest and drink water on the roof.


Interaction & UX Design

Pradeep’s Final Design Project is a critical and speculative design intervention that calls for action, while rendering a picture of the future from which we look at the present. The present looked back upon is constituted by capitalism with an emphasis on commoditization becoming the object which is critically proliferated into the future leading to a speculative scenario.