Top Fashion Designing Trends 2022 Every Aspirant Should Know

Are you someone who always keeps up with fashion and your friends come to you for the advice on latest trends regarding fashion? Are you looking to make a career in the same and get admission to a fashion design course in Delhi? Then this…

Top Fashion Designing Trends 2022 Every Aspirant Should Know

Are you someone who always keeps up with fashion and your friends come to you for the advice on latest trends regarding fashion? Are you looking to make a career in the same and get admission to a fashion design course in Delhi? Then this is very important that you keep up with the top fashion designing trends that are popular all over the globe. The design trends are influenced by a lot of things that are going on in the present times. Regarding the current situation of the COVID19 pandemic and work-from-home culture, one of the most important things that are becoming trendy is comfortable clothing for all. For the last 3 years, comfort wear and pyjamas have become quite popular among people of all ages. As people spent most of their time in their homes and under stressful conditions all around, the people adopted the comfort culture. So without further delay, let’s get into the article that is meant to introduce top trends for fashion designing aspirants.

Top Fashion Design Trends in 2022

1. Living life in the comfort zone and comfort fashion

This point is very crucial because in the current situation people have learned about their comfort zone and they stick to it when it comes to life or fashion. This time, there was a radical shift in the fashion trends right after COVID started. First, the fashion trend shifted from formal well fitted clothes to comfortable clothes. If you could remember the times before COVID-19, then you will remember the urge in people to look as good as possible without thinking too much about comfort. With a behaviour change in the fashion industry, the common public is oriented towards more comfortable and relaxed styles of fashion. In the year 2022, there is a huge scope that fashion will move toward designing more comfortable and relaxed clothing and shoes and big brands will be jumping on the bandwagon of this trend brought in by the pandemic.

2. Baggy and oversized clothing trending among the masses

A few years back, oversized or baggy clothes meant something comfortable that anyone would wear only on weekends or for sleeping but now the meaning of the term oversized is radically different. More and more people like to fill their wardrobe with oversized and generally baggy clothing because the fashion is inclined towards the biggest sizes now. Also, the oversized people are significantly focusing on getting stylish clothes and the big brands are realizing that this can give them good benefits. If you know about boyfriend shirts and mom jeans then you know about the popularity of this fashion culture. The significant people in the fashion designing industry are curating a range of fashion products that are focused to be comfortable and fashionable.

3. Sustainable and eco-friendly clothing

As we said COVID19 changed a lot of things not just for the people in general but also for the fashion industry significantly, people are thinking about the environment around them. People have been more conscious about using products that do not harm the environment. This means that they are going after organic and sustainable materials and the fashion designers are designing 100% biodegradable clothing for environmentally friendly customers. As a fashion design enthusiast, you must know that fashion is one of the most toxic and polluting industries in the world, therefore, sustainable and eco-friendly materials are the top choice of fashion designers and the common public today. The brands are coming up with more and more different type of sustainable clothes that is helping the environment at a large level.

4. The return of the 90’s Trend

Apart from the sustainability of clothes, people are looking up to ’90s trends to bring back the fashion of the past. As you can see, most of the people from the fashion industry want to wear stuff that is unique and doesn’t follow the set fashion trends. This means that bell bottoms and puffy sleeves are back big time. But fashion is not just limited to the clothes of the 90s. When you look around for the trends in accessories, you will find that shoes, bags, and jewellery markets are equally following the nineties trends. With the increase in this trend, we can expect that it will continue for a few more years. Fashion designers today are taking up the inspiration from the 90s and designing clothes and accessories that are relevant and more suitable for today’s times. If you observe, clothing of the 90s that made a comeback is – body hugging high waist jeans and crop tops.

5. Unusual colour combination and the colour purple

The most recent observation of the fashion industry is related to the odd colour combinations that people love to wear to show their personality. This also makes them stand out and sort of define their statement and choice of lifestyle. In addition, the different hues of purple colour are making a comeback with famous brands such as Gucci and Versace. Different shades of purple are being used by fashion designers in the year 2022. With the big brands making more and more clothing in the colour purple, it is assumed that this colour is going to create trends for this generation and it is just a matter of time before the colour will reach the public soon.

So if you are looking to get a degree in fashion design, then you should look up the fashion designing courses in Delhi and enquire about admission to the institutes and academies where admission is open for new sessions. If you are keen on fashion designing, then you should go for the degree course otherwise you can also look into the certification courses. The fashion design trends keep on changing every year but some of the trends stay longer than others. It is all about the liking of the public and the innovative creations of the big brands.

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