“Spaces just like people, have a personality. To me, the design village campus is one of these rare personalities that makes you feel that you are best friends from the moment you meet. The building welcomes you, makes you feel at ease, and somehow, is curious about you. It challenges you to express yourself, to show who you are, and to feel good about it”

Dr. IR.Marieke H.Sonneveld

Delft University of Technology


The campus is essentially a school of design with multiple
interactive intimate institutional spaces attempting to break
away from the traditional model of boxed classrooms to an
idea of mixed ones.


A space that speaks volume about creativity. A display zone of state of the art student projects and creative interactions.


The TDV Library has collections in art, architecture and design to support the interior design programs, as well as materials on anthropology, history, literature, science, and other subjects to support the general education courses, establish context and widen perspectives.

Mac Lab

The mac lab is equipped with MAC iOs, installed with multiple design softwares and a warm vibrant vibe for the students to think and work in an innovative environment.

Fab Lab

Sculpted, designed and installed with paraphernalia essentially required to carry out all design projects and realising the vision of our creative heads.

Fashion Lab

Specially designed for students who love fashion, make fashion and recreate fashion. Installed with the best of sewing and tailoring machinery.


A place to unwind, a place where you can be your casual self. The TDV cafeteria is a refreshing space. Grab a cup of freshly brewed coffee, sit around for quick lunches or mingle to get your creative juices flowing.

the design village

Design and creative arts College

Design Factory India (DFI) is a platform supporting
interdisciplinary design development. It aims at
developing and cultivating a passion based, design
centric culture.


How a Defunct Factory
Transformed Into a Creative
TDV Campus?

“I wanted it to be a place that would break all rules and
would inspire students of design to know that such
things are possible”

Sourabh Gupta
Architect and founder, the design village

studio Archohm

architecture and design studio

Archohm is an architecture and design studio in noida,
the national capital region of india. Archohm was
founded by architect Sourabh Gupta in the new
millennium. today the firm has evolved into a design
practice with projects and initiatives addressing a wide
array of issues, scales and typologies.



product design studio

GOMAADS is a product design studio started in 2013.
We sculpt lifestyle products in concrete. An ordinary
material always associated with architectural structure,
now being used to create decor objects.