As COVID-19 continues to be a rapidly evolving situation, The Design Village (TDV) is practising social distancing and our campus remains closed due to lockdown. 

However, to not disrupt the education of our design students, we’ve responded swiftly and shifted our classes to virtual learning mode in the middle of the semester.

The Faculty members at TDV are actively following pedagogy forums and embracing digital tools to ensure seamless transition of the teaching-learning process through remote sessions. They are constantly teaching and updating themselves to help give our students the best possible educational experience.

These are unprecedented times, but we are ensuring that our students receive the highest quality of educational input and feedback. Our classes continue keeping our pedagogical learning outcomes in mind. We have efficiently adapted to limited availability of material and resources, trying to maintain normalcy through an updated semester calendar. All TDV staff and faculty are doing their bit in ensuring there is no disruption to our students’ education- as their interests are primary in our mind. Meanwhile our students have participated and adapted as true villagers, we are all very proud of the effort they are putting in.

Ms. Mudita Pasari, Associate Dean

The Online Classes are Currently Driven using a mix of Online Platforms Like:

#Google Classroom is proving to be an effective online tool to conduct classes, Q&A  and Feedback sessions with the ease of submissions and the flexibility to store resource material online.

#Slack has turned out to be an efficient replacement of Whatsapp for all our Teacher-Student communications. It is helping them collaborate instantly across remote distances. 

We also use easy cloud platforms like Zoom and Google Hangouts for video conferencing, to address and discuss during classes.”

#Being budding designers , it is essential for our students to whack their brains and brainstorm collectively. Mural – a versatile online tool is serving this purpose with finesse! Through Mural, our students are getting a window for designing thinking and are able to collaborate visually.

But the question that might bother many is – how can design courses , which are practical and hands-on , be taught online?

Yes, we agree that design students learn best in a studio based environment with ready access to creative resources . However, looking at the upside, this Quarantine time has given us an opportunity to all Educational enterprises to relook and reassess the conventional teaching methods, engage with advanced Digital technology and curate an online led curriculum which keeps students motivated to unleash their creativity.

Remember the Demonetisation Drive that fostered digital payments? Looking at the positive side of this crisis situation, we are confident that it will result in digitalising teaching methodologies and cut barriers of distance and space.