All great designers start the same way, with the will to make an impact. The same applies for graphic design, but there are certain points one needs to keep in mind when starting.

Building a strong foundation

Graphic design is all about communicating your ideas visually and in the day and age where everyone is flooded with visual images and cues at all times, it all comes down to which image leaves a lasting impression on the viewer, which visual has the longest recall value. To ensure that, one needs to bring a string foundation, in other words be fluent with the basics of graphic design.

The basics of graphic design include:


Becoming a designer does not always necessitate getting a degree, however one cannot overlook the exposure and training of a graphic designing course. No matter how talented one may be, guidance from industry leaders helps a student maximise their potential. Education is important and a degree from a prestigious design institute is an important addition to one’s resume, however no graphic designing degree can teach one to be creative but only push you in the right direction.

The theory

Graphic design is not just about using a funky font and putting together two images. They must have mastery over layouts, spacing, visual structure and hierarchy and use appropriate typography. Graphic designers should not only consider the obvious elements but also take in account of the white space available. Along with that one can never forget the importance of colors and the impact it has on people. 

Mastery of the various mediums.

In order to realise one’s ideas and designs it is vital to be proficient in various mediums available to do so. These mediums come in the form of various types of papers and softwares. Knowing the sizes, qualities and forms of paper is of utmost important as many of the graphic work is translated to a  printed form. To do so one must also have a strong command over the softwares used to make the designs, which usually happens over the course of time, working.  


A portfolio is a representation of oneself. It is the first thing anyone would see even before they meet a person and thus it is extremely important to invest one’s time in developing a portfolio which speaks about you. The time spent at a design institute is the optimal time to build a strong portfolio, by working on each project with the same rigour and zeal as that of a professional project, one can develop an impressive portfolio by the time they finish their course. That being said, the work done during internships is also an important addition to the portfolio.