A portfolio is a reflective document and should speak of who you are, rather than who you are expected to be. It should convey why you want to be a designer. Diversity is good; but in trying to be comprehensive, you might miss expressing the essence of your work.

Journeys are also important-the process by which you reached where you set out to, not just the end-deliverables.

 It would be interesting to add a ‘failure resume’; those misses which might have been hits but for…

As a future designer, the typeface you choose, the size of the font, the layout and a loose structure to ensure a flow of content in the document are unspoken requirements.

People do not have the time to read a lot of text; so, keep it minimal. However, an essay of reflections could auger well to communicate your vision, ideology/purpose in life.

At TDV The Design Village, we look at the underlying attributes of courage, perseverance, compassion and awareness in a student and her work.