Creative skills are not enough to become a successful fashion designer. Because the fashion designing trends are becoming increasingly business-driven, it is important to pay attention to the business climate and the mechanisms behind it.

In order to achieve one’s entrepreneurial goals one must understand how fashion entrepreneurship works , it focuses on creating networks within the fashion industry and working on complementary subjects ranging from something as vague as profile building to profitability to education. Fashion entrepreneurship within itself is also a field that can be pursued which involves fashion designers using their entrepreneur skills in order to achieve business goals. For instance, looking into organizing, creating, and managing businesses  related and connected to the fashion designing industry.

Fashion business management

The fashion industry is global and contributes significantly to global GDP. So it employs more than 300 million people around the world and has a global business of $ 1.3 billion. Moreover, the fashion industry has grown and expanded steadily over the past ten years. Hence, so has the demand for fashion business management.

It deals with not only increasing and maintaining a product’s brand value but also creates awareness through media and advertising. It requires strong analytical skills as one is needed to analyze old transitions in the industry and predict the next trends. Most importantly, a fashion business manager is in charge of creating new and innovative marketing strategies for a specific product in order to increase its market demand. Thus, it requires the knowledge of both the business part of fashion as well as the creative side.

There is a high demand for trained professionals in fashion management to meet the growing demands of fashion industry professionals. As a result, the number of jobs and positions in this field will more than double by 2025, because, just being a trained fashion designer is not enough. One should be aware of the skills and strategies needed to sell their product which they learn through this field. However, a person with a fashion designing degree can only design clothes but a person with a degree in Fashion business Management can not only design the clothes but also sell them effectively. 

Fashion designersFashion business managers
This involves looking at the technical aspects of creating a clothing or clothing collection. From conception to final implementation. If you have more artistic mind and spirit, then fashion designing may be what you need.The Fashion Marketing Plan teaches various marketing and brand strategies. For instance, it covers topics such as marketing management, branding, business principles, and pricing. How to choose a design that is popular and popular with consumers. They also focus on introducing customers to the different products available and helping them choose the best products according to their needs and requirements.
This requires a high level of innovation and creativity and knowledge of design principles to allow you to create products that are suitable for consumers. As a fashion designer, you must master extreme pressure situations and be patient with things in every detail of your work. This is a very unpredictable field. You need to consider future fashion trends based on the past in order to easily adapt your creations to the latest fashion trends.This focuses on looking into the forecast of the latest and upcoming fashion trends. Firstly, it involves selecting garments or items to supply to their potential customers. Secondly, they must have effective communication skills as well as excellent negotiation skills because they must deal with manufacturers and designers to provide them with clothes and other items at the lowest possible price.
Fashion companies provide them with opportunities to work or they become self-employed.Job opportunities are made available in retail stores and fashion stores. If you work in a retail store, your job will include developing various branding and advertising strategies to attract more and more customers. If you work in a fashion store, learning will become part of your homework , and looking into current trends, and providing designers with the direction of the next step becomes integral to it. example: not only they create attractive displays to attract consumers but also, they have a say in making mannequins and choosing display stands to keep customers interested.

So, fashion business management is an extremely creative process.Their jobs also involve looking for a comprehensive collection of different fabrics that are appropriate for contrasting contours involving different people with different bodies. It also becomes important for them to have a distinct aesthetic.

Some basics required for becoming fashion business managers:

  • One must really have innovative ideas.
  • One should be interested in doing business.
  • One often has to be willing to think outside the box.
  • One must have good communication skills to deal with potential customers.

Eligibility and courses available for Fashion business management in india:

10+2 with any stream: The individual should have passed 10+2 in any stream with minimum 50% marks to pursue a degree in fashion business management.

Some available courses are:

Career opportunities for fashion business managers:

  • Fashion Product Manager
  • public relations manager
  • Fashion Brand Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Fashion Consultant
  • Account Manager
  • Fashion Promotion Specialist
  • Fashion Coordinator
  • Marketing Consultant
  • Digital Marketing