Mr. Karan Torani

In this edition of the series “Why Fashion Matters” we are spellbound by the presence of a fantastic Storyteller, a multi-faceted artist, and a stupendous designer, Mr. Karan Torani as he unravels his philosophy of creation. Coming from a middle-class household, Mr. Torani is an embodiment of what true perseverance, grit, and interminable passion for design can be like and how the table turns If one does not give up chasing the dreams. 

The entire discussion prioritizes his creative journey which has been absolutely thriving and there can be absolutely no escape from the juggernaut of hype surrounding his work. He goes on to explain how he views the design process to be a circle rather than a linear process-driven method. One gets to question their own theories as he beautifully explicates the idea of inspiration in his journey and how he looks at design in everything.

His intention to seek magic in things by not drawing inspiration from things that are designed but rather finding design within everything is stimulating in itself. With his philosophy of finding beauty in things that are not particularly looked upon as spaces of inspiration, one gets to question and reiterate their own personal journeys. He epitomizes having a “ journey” that does not have to be staged or strategized in a certain structure that has been taught but rather emphasizes finding our own processes and living them and creating our own boxes.

Towards the end of it the cusp of the entire discussion revolves around this quote Mr. Torani uses which says:

“So write your thoughts down, Explore More, create more, but do not look at a set formula of what is already created by another designer.”