A Digital Talk Series


Mr. Manimaran R.

The fifth edition of Why Fashion Matters moves behind the lens with Manimaran R., a multidisciplinary visual storyteller who is specialised in Fashion and Art narratives.

During the session Mr. Mamimaran took the audience on a journey of how wondrous visual narratives are conceptualised and translated into our social feeds. He goes on to explain how he came into the field and chose to be a force behind the camera, progressing through the shades of a multitude of lightboxes, letting his work proclaim his canvases of life. During the session he delved deeper into how  a foray into fashion chanced upon him, but through his incredible work for Mr Sabyasachi Mukherjee, not only did he stamp in a new identity but also showcased to the world what true dedication and persistently honing one’s talent can help achieve.