Palak Shah

With her astounding presence within her peers as a single workforce influencer, Palak shah has redefined what heritage luxury means and has grown the first handloom luxury brand of the country Ekaya.

She reminds us how as a mindful generation of us it is necessary to create heirloom livelihoods for a more responsible fashion lifestyle. Attributed to the support of over 10,000 craftsmen and artisan families, Ekaya has developed a vision to change the way Indian handlooms are sold and presented worldwide.  Under the affluent leadership of the palace, the brand has broken the barriers of a stereotypical family business and ascribed its real purpose and strategy to Indian textiles.

The discussion goes on with her explaining her initial struggles as a woman entering a men-dominated industry, her family not supporting her decisions primarily, and how she paved her way through it. She preaches on having a strong mindset that helped her which did not always focus on the roadblocks as then not everything would be seamless and happy but rather focus on the journey which rivets on looking at how far one has come and how many milestones one has created. She goes on to explain the importance of textiles and what the symbol of heirloom translates into in the current context. She clearly emphasizes the significance of the keyword communication in her understanding of heirloom, as well as the necessity of the term in even establishing a fashion business.

Towards the end of the discussion palak tries to invoke our individual voice and tap into it during the process of creating and says: 

“So find your own voice you know and do something that resonates with you even if you to create basic t-shirts create the best damn t-shirt you know instead of creating a saree and trying to be like Ekaya or like Sabyasachi or like Manish Malhotra”