Future of Design Courses in India- Boost or Thwart

Bachelor of Design is a popular program that attracts students with creative abilities to make a career out of their passion. The designers basically ask and interpret the needs of the clients and convert them into creative visuals and videos to match the client’s needs. Whenever…

Future of Design Courses in India- Boost or Thwart

Bachelor of Design is a popular program that attracts students with creative abilities to make a career out of their passion. The designers basically ask and interpret the needs of the clients and convert them into creative visuals and videos to match the client’s needs. Whenever you see logos, business cards, templates, invitation cards, new outfits, well-decorated rooms or offices, a mobile game, etc. – these are the work of the designers. Many design programs can help students to start a career in design. So, if you are looking to have a career in design but are confused about which specialization to go for. And if a career in design can help you to have or don’t have a financially stable and consistent career, then this article is for you. Before we get into the details of different types of fashion design course delhi, let us first see what kind of students are a good fit to take the design courses. Then you can choose for yourself if the design course is for you or not.

Why you should choose to be a designer?

If you love to use creative software like Adobe creative suite and even on the mobile phone you like to be creative about photographs and videos, or you are passionate about fashion, then you should go into the field of designing. As there are different types of specializations in designing therefore the potential is unlimited. There are different types of designers in different industries. Further, we will discuss what kind of industries the designers can get into and what industries are booming in India right now.  Following is a brief on the animation industry, interior design industry, fashion designing industry, UI/UX industry, etc.

1.  Career As Graphics & Animation Designer

If you want to become a graphic & animation designer then some courses can lead you to reach your destination. If you have seen any cartoon movie then you know that this is the work of an animation designer. The main role of an animation & graphics designer is to compile the data like texts, videos, graphics, images, and voices to create visual art that is appealing to the eyes. An animation artist can specialize in two-dimensional or three-dimensional animation. Some animation designers specialize in special effects and their job is just to add effects to the animation movies. In India, there is a demand for animation designers. Also, the gaming industry is becoming popular among Indian youth so there is a huge scope in that as well.

2. Career in The Fashion Design Industry

Another popular industry among Indian students is fashion designing. Many people think that fashion designing is an industry that is good for girls but if you look at the top fashion designers of India you will find that many males have established their names in the fashion designing industry. The main role of a fashion designer is to creatively design new clothes for clients or industries. But this is not just limited to designing clothes. Nowadays there are jewellery designers, shoe designers, and so many other different types of designers who can start their ventures or work for an industry. After completing a designing course they can look into the jobs like fashion coordinator, fashion consultant, fashion illustrator, etc. With more and more fashion-conscious people around the globe, there is a huge scope for fashion designers.

3. Scope of Career in Interior Designing

Interior designing is another profession that is on the rise with more and more people becoming independent and investing their money to buy their dream homes. If you are thinking about becoming an interior designer then you can specialize in either just interior design or you can pick something specific such as kitchen designer, outdoor designing, indoor designing, etc. The main role of the interior designer is to help the client choose the desired colour scheme, furniture, lighting, space, and other elements of the room. In India, more and more people are hiring interior designers. So if you want to start your own business then interior designing can be a good profession for you. To become an interior designer it is important to have some basic skills like computer knowledge and knowledge of software designs, information on sales and marketing, good communication skills, the interior design trends in the market, knowledge about budget and timeline, etc.

4. Career as a UI/UX Designer

UI/UX design is one of the industries that is growing at a very fast pace not only in India but in the whole world. The UI/UX designers are people who are good at programming as well as knowing what the demand of the market is. These designers work with creative visualization, analytics, research, creative designing, UX frame, prototyping, etc. The average salary of the designer is usually 7 lakh per annum. With the experience, the designer can make even more money. The main role of the designer is to create user-friendly applications and websites. The designer work on the need of the users and designer website in such a way that it is useful and easy for the users to operate. They work on websites and apps that sell products and services.

5. Making a Career in The Graphics Design Field

Graphic design has been around for a long time now. If someone wants to take admitted to graphic design college then they can talk to a graphic designer to know about the process and cons of the industry. Graphic designers use creativity to create websites according to the demand of the clients. Also, they are known to work for social media influences and offline companies like magazines, books, etc. according to the bureau of labour statistics report, the graphic designing industry is growing by an influential percentage every year.

In conclusion, the best profession for creative people who want to have a good future in designing should leave any doubt behind and confidently check the admission details of the popular design colleges in India. Hopefully, this article helped you to decide what kind of design career you want to opt for. It can be seen that the design industry will observe significant growth in the coming years in India and globally.

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