A Comprehensive Guide To A Career in UI/UX Designing

If you want to become a UI-UX designer then this is the ultimate guide for you. In the recent past, the UI-UX designing market has boomed quite a lot. If you have a lot of questions regarding becoming a UI-UX designer, then this post will…

A Comprehensive Guide To A Career in UI/UX Designing

If you want to become a UI-UX designer then this is the ultimate guide for you. In the recent past, the UI-UX designing market has boomed quite a lot. If you have a lot of questions regarding becoming a UI-UX designer, then this post will provide you with an overview of the same.

Everything To Know About a Career in UI-UX Designing

1. Job responsibilities of UX designer

Basically, the user interface and user experience mean interacting with the customers with a good interface and experience. The job of a UI UX designer is to design the website or apps for the users to have easy and quick access to the products or services they are looking for. Any online booking or selling site can come under UI UX design. As a UI UX designer, your job responsibilities include conducting market research and developing the product as well as creating an easy experience for the users. This eventually leads to customer satisfaction and increases product or services sale.

2. It is A Sector That Grows At a Fast Pace

If you are still confused about UX designing being the centre of the market in the present times then you should not doubt the same. UX UI designing is one of the best jobs in a survey conducted by the United States. Different websites show that there is an increase in the job openings in this sector as compared to other ones.

3. Salary Package of the UI UX designers

If you have thought about considering the course in UI UX designing then you must have also thought about the salary and how much you will be able to make during the job. If we consider the statistics then the countries like Canada, the UK, Germany, and China are leading in the salary package provided to the designers. India has some great MNCs that give good salaries to the employees. So if you are passionate about working in user experience and user interface then you will love your job.

4. Prime Steps to Become a UI/UX designer

First, you must become serious about starting a career in user interface and user experience. Read a lot of articles to find out what UI UX is actually about and understand the different specializations. That will help you to decide which one is best for you. There are many accounts on social media that provide related information. To get a general idea, you can start reading books and subscribe to blogs that provide specific information on UI UX.

Second thing is to learn the main principles of UX design. As the UX design is user-friendly, you have to know the rules and practices that revolve around the user-friendly systems. Understanding and knowing the target users and coming up with the designs that will be helpful for them and their budget is the main key for UI UX designers.

Third, when you get into the UX and UI design program you will learn about various design concepts. You will learn the creation and testing of UX design processes by reading things several times, and you will move on to implementation. After conducting the implementation you will come across the different key methods like prototyping, information, architecture, user testing, usability testing, etc. All of this will be taught to you during the course.

Since this is a practical-based career, it is important to develop projects that will help you to learn better. When you have made projects, the potential employers will have a better idea of the kind of work you can handle. Having good projects in your hand can also help you build a strong portfolio. If your projects stand out and or are original then your chances of getting hired increase a lot.

The last step would be to study hard for your exams. Sometimes the students are brilliant but are not able to balance their theoretical and practical work. As stated, practical work is very important but you should not forget about the grading system and how it can help you to get a good job. To get a campus placement it is very important that you try to create a balance and do your best to become an all-rounder.

5. Networking can help you grow leaps and bounds

Once you have completed your course and you have jumped into the job sector you will realize the importance of having a good network. Networking implies making good contacts with people who are in the same profession. Networking is also the easiest way to get into your desired industry. So it is important to have a strong network for your career growth.

According to the experts who work at Google there are 5 factors that can help a person to make a good portfolio project and get a good job. To remember this you might want to bookmark this article. Number one is to work on the context of the problem that you are trying to primarily solve. Number two is to check out the internal and external factors that will define the scope of the problem. Number three is to design the process and go over it until you feel it is practical and easy for users to use. Next, get into the creativity and check the functioning and the final design. Number five and the final one is to check out what kind of impact the people have from the design solution. If you follow these steps in the designing sector then your portfolio will stand out and it will be easy for you to get your desired job.

There are many UI UX design courses in Delhi that can help you have a professional degree. As the admissions are open, you can look up different colleges and universities online and contact them now for more information. If you choose a good college, like The Design Village, that has campus placement with a greater average annual salary then your chances of becoming a successful career-oriented person increase many folds.

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