The design programme provides an integrated approach and is multidisciplinary in nature. Over the past decades, the world has become more and more complex, with technological, material advances and changes in our lifestyle. The future requires all designers to be more responsible with their interventions.

The course is a comprehensive programme that seeks to create professionals who take responsibility for designing the future and enhancing today’s physical, experiential, functional and emotional reality. Designed for courageous and foresighted individuals who seek new meanings for tomorrow and creative solutions for a better and sustainable life, the course offers the student a chance to intervene in any way possible without limiting her/him to any particular specialization of design.

Areas of focus

  1. Innovative Design Theory
  2. Design Process
  3. Design Methods Aesthetics
  4. Impact of Design
  5. Conflicting Concerns
  6. Consequentialism
  7. Vision in Product Design
Common information –
Start Date
July 2021
4 years full time
UGC recognized degree in Bachelor of Design
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