Dreamdoing Exhibition 2023

"an attitude towards a life through design.

of envisioning dreams and ensuring their deliverance

of imagination fuelled by action...

of processes and their manifestations...

sharing stories of a creative ecosystem committed

to dreaming and doing."

The Design Village believes in a life through design, thus nurturing an ethos which incubates introspection, personal drive, curiosity, learning to be part of an idea much larger than ourselves, empathy and most importantly continuous unlearning to inspire designers of the future and to connect design with impact. TDV’s whitebook defines the design villager as one with the capacity to envision dreams and the skills to realise them, making them a thinker and a doer. On display is a range of projects which reflect different interpretations of design not just as manifestations of skill, but as the journeys of discovering a raison d'être, of strategy, of influencing change irrespective of the scale of a project; of thinking through and thinking with those we impact. It is of world-building and acknowledging our place in it; it is of recognising the power of our work, and it is dreamdoing. of reimagining the boundaries of “design” of villaging and becoming a villager of dreaming and of doing.

Regards HGS