Cross Cultural Dialogues

This was an event with delegates from the Embassies of France and Netherlands on January 5th, 2023.

The intent of this day was to honour Indo- French and Indo- Dutch collaboration that has helped us to shape the design village. Honourable Mr. Wicher J. Slagter was invited to the stage to honour Prof. Paul Hekkert,- Head of Industrial Design TU Delft and Mr. Jeroen van Erp- Founder Fabrique Amsterdam For their contribution to the Design Village. Honourable M. Emmanuel Lebrun-Damiens was invited to honour Mr. Christian Guellerin - Executive Director L'Ecole de Design Nantes Atlantique and Domaine de Boisbuchet for their contribution towards the Design Village. Ms Mudita Pasari- Academic Dean at the design village honored Mr Vishwanath Kashikar- Advisor for his contribution to the Design Village. Dr. Latika Chaudhary- Campus Dean at tdv honored Ranu Kawatra- Advisor at tdv. The dialogues were taken forward during guided tours of dream doing exhibitions and the Vernissage post the formal event.