The curriculum of TDV is designed in such way that over a course of four years, a student will become aware of herself and her values. She will understand what she considers important and cares about in the world and how to let this drive her design education.

The journey is based on the learning manifesto of each student and the itinerary chalked out to achieve it and hence the journey undertaken by every villager at TDV is unique, and bespoke and it does not have to cease at the end of four years. Although the journey is individual, the villager is not alone. There is a support system of relevant people, to assist the villager at every junction.

Each villager, charters her own personal learning path. This path is custom made for her with a great mix and match of experiences, projects and tools through three streams of interrelated activities:

‘Villaging’ activities for personal development, with the goal to built the TDV community and oneself.

Design projects to be retrieved from the ‘task box’, where everything is based on reality.

‘Baskets’ that contain clusters of courses characterized by a common theme, discipline or learning objective


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