All our programmes have been developed with an international, interdisciplinary, industry-relevant approach.

The Full-time four-year undergraduate and the two-year postgraduate programmes in design are structured with the following elements :-


The firrst-year students at TDV undergo an intensive foundation year that orients and prepares them for a career and life in design.

The year begins with an ‘Unlearning’ module that is designed to break preconceived notions and myths around design and design education. The module helps the students realign their beliefs and gain understanding of the self, the other and the world.

The foundation year is an alchemy that is provocative, challenging and inspiring at the same time. It prepares the student to know who they are, to express themselves, to dream big and to work hard to achieve their ambitions and aspirations.


As a part of its curriculum, TDV offers an internaional semester, at various international institutes.

The international semester is a great oppurtunity to engage, explore and interact with international Students, professors and professionals to inculcate a great perspective on the international design scenario.

The sixth/seventh semester of the undergraduate programme is the international semester. and the second/third semester is the international one for postgraduate student. Students will join the international class at the partner university or equivalent.

The international semester helps villagers work with students from different nationalities and different design backgrounds.


The Design Village organizes its Summer School every year at Domaine de Boisbuchet, France.

Highlights of this study programme are as follows –

  1. 7-10 days of academic study in France with a focus on hands-on learning
  2. Study the evolution of design in Europe
  3. Explore the self sustaining architecture and design campus at Boisbuchet
  4. Guest lectures by International faculty
  5. Certificate provided by TDV and Boisbuchet

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