Space and Interior Design


Spaces have a lot of impact on the physical, psychological, cognitive and behavioural aspects of the end users. The spatial qualities define and determine how we feel, think and act in a certain setting. Hence it is very important understand and appreciate the role of interior design in shaping our home, offices, institutions and public buildings.

The Interior Design programme at TDV surpasses traditional approach to interior design that is restricted to only decoration or aesthetic embellishments to encompass a more effective approach that relies on the transformative power of design interventions in making a difference in the built environment. The programme takes the students through a sensitizing journey of making them aware of the context within which they operate as interior designers, and then equips them with the necessary tools to realize their vision.

This programme trains students to think and act cohesively to be able to extend their design skills to interior spaces, exhibitions, pavilions, art installations and many more.

Areas of focus

Poetics of space – Appreciation of the form, space and ordering principles that define and determine the character and quality of the built environment. Also, a cohesive understanding of the building elements, the nature of light, relationship between spaces, surfaces, volumes and their role in space making. How to build – Made up of multiple modules, the course focuses on skills required to be able to actually build.

Understanding materials and their properties, construction techniques, detail design and making execution drawings fall within this domain.

Common information –
Start Date
July 2020
2 years full time
UGC recognized degree in Master of Design in Space and Interior Design
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