In the fast-paced world of new media, gadgets, devices and integrated systems, the role of the interaction designer is critical as she facilitates the user to become comfortable and integrated with multiple interfaces. Interaction design is as much about technology and software skills, as it is about human centred design and the goal of the field is to facilitate the interaction between users and technology.

The Interaction Design programme at TDV focuses on designing and developing interactive digital products, environments, systems, and services responding to our changing environment. The students are trained in skills of visualization and communication, ethnography studies, research methods, brand building and many such multi focal courses that give them a holistic understanding of their field of work.

Areas of focus

  1. Physical computing and Creative coding, Interface design and interactive devices are a few focused and comprehensive courses that equip the students to be able to intervene in any of the multiple domains that are impacted by interaction design.
  2. Communication skills – Animation, game design, video prototyping and rendering techniques enable the students to communicate their visualizations better and lead to more gratifying experience for the user.
  3. Human centred design – UX and UI become important aids that facilitate the design explorations of the interaction design student at TDV. Courses like colour theory, ethnography, psychology help in keeping the students’ focus on the users.
Common information –
Start Date
July 2020
4 years full time
UGC recognized degree in Bachelor of Design in Interaction Design
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