Graphic Design as a silo covers visual communication at all scales.
Looking at the power of graphical communication, students learn to work with various media and through different graphical skills.

Areas of Focus

  1. Students go through courses like Material and Medium, which covers various print techniques and understand why and how the graphic design discipline has evolved over the years.
  2. They work with specific skill based courses like Animation, where they learn about character design, motion of objects, the basics of timing, creating keyframes and animating between them.
  3. Through a course in Typography, students learn the importance of Type and typefaces– how to best use them and if interested they are provided guidance to learn the art of type design.
  4. There are also courses in visual culture, colour theory, visual ergonomics, packaging, publication design and branding, which a student in graphic design is exposed to.

The students also go through 2 visual representation courses where they are encouraged to develop illustration skills and styles to be used with various mediums– both hand-done as well as computer aided.

Through 10 design projects the students are encouraged to apply this learning and much more while working with real world problems and clients.

Common information –
Start Date
July 2020
4 years full time
UGC recognized degree in Bachelor of Design in Graphic Design
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