Baskets are thematic fields that contain a number of courses based on the nuances of professional development. Each basket is offered every year, but with potentially different courses. Only a few courses are mandated and remain constant. The suggested list of courses in the baskets can change over time and additional ones can be added. The student has to complete a specified number of credit courses from the ‘Building Blocks’ Basket in order to specialize in that field.Eight baskets have been defined and they may broadly fall in three categories:-

1.Understanding the world: Baskets about analyzing and understanding people & the world, to form a vision/dream.

  1. The Big Picture
  2. Time Machine
  3. Ways of Reading the Context

2.Positioning: Baskets about communicating, translating and selling what you want. These baskets help you to see the organization or business perspective, to understand your client, and offer you tools to effectively communicate your aims.

  1. Communicating Dreams
  2. Who Cares, Who Profits?

3.To make it work: Baskets on establishing interactions and the final manifestation. The baskets in this category help the villager to design their dreams by focusing on the human-product interaction and the methods and means through which these are given shape.

  1. Design for Experience
  2. Conceptualization
  3. Building Blocks

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