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The Design Village eco system hosts many workshops and talks for the discerning design student namely Archoforum, Dtalks and PD6.
Archoforum is Archohm’s initiative of intense design workshops on live architecture projects. The idea of the forum is to establish an international forum of architectural design and practice. Members of the forum include international design studios and practices that participate to get an awareness of the Indian context and with the studio. This interaction enriches the design process with a diversity of ideas stemming from diverse cultures to produce high quality design. The Archoforum provides The Design Village, an interesting chance to participate in such multicultural interactions biannually.

Dtalks – Dialogue in design.
The dialogue series bring together the academic world and the professional world on an equal and energetic platform.
Each series of the Dtalks has an independent and unique topic. The D-talks are organized to promote the idea of interdisciplinary design and freethinking. Passionate people from different fields are invited to share their experiences and address members of design fraternity. The events comprise of a series of 10-minute presentations, followed by an interactive session between students and industry. The Design Village students are encouraged to attend Dtalks on a regular basis. Students being admitted to master level programs at TDV, have an opportunity to share their knowledge on a common platform, by participating and presenting in the Dtalks.

PD6 – Product Development in 6 hours.
Popularized by the Design Factory India, the PD6 workshop is where students, mentors and industry representatives gather together to solve real-life product development problems in 6 hours. Design Factory emphasizes on building multidisciplinary student teams to understand all aspects of the project – from manufacturing to market research; from aesthetics to functionality. Student teams work under the guidance of mentors from the industry and academia, with experience ranging from product development projects and other interdisciplinary working methods.
For companies, pd6 is all about new ideas, new working methods and meeting interesting people. Multidisciplinary teams provide high dynamics for ideation and fresh minds can generate unexpected concepts for company’s use. The purpose of the workshop is to participate with students; address issues together and bring this valuable experience back to the company.