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“Great design is not just a solution, it is the elimination of the problem” –M.Cobanli innovating sustainable design solutions and going off the beaten track is what we’re focusing at while taking forward – Design Villaging. design villaging is an initiative by The Design Village to create sustainable and impactful long-term perspective towards design as a whole. the villaging is embarked upon by a journey to a place where students are motivated to unlearn and shed off the conditioning associated with the previous years of learning.

designing is all about finding the marvelous in the mundane! travel the forgotten path through avant-garde style of evolvivng the design instincts. the young artists at heart, through their vivid imaginations during the villaging journey start to identify artistic manuveurs at various places like a Norbulinka and the Buddha Temple. here ancient murals along with the routine proceedings drives the storytelling in its unique way. our students gain insights of how art is omnipresent and so are the prospects for designing.
design is expansive, the more a designer sees and observes the better and inclusive it turns out to be. the students at the villaging discover the place like doll museum, taste the exotic local food, learn the local craft before their session begins. they take inspiration and build a sense of respect and wonder towards a contrastingly different culture.

the travel allows the students for a peek-a-boo in space and life with a designer lense. this help prepare student’s minds as highly receptive to an exciting year of B.des at the village. each young mind chooses to put forward their odyssey in noveau ways, presenting their learnings from the remarkable journey.


unlearning project

unlearning project

french and indian students visited kathputily colony in shadipur to find places where design intervention was required. the students were divided in various groups and were asked to chose 1 community: the puppeteers, the magicians and the musicians. students worked among each other, each student having a responsibility of performing a particular task in the project. on the basis of their research students planned different solutions to increase the visibility of one of the three communities of kathputily colony.