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Research and Consultancy

Through Design Factory India, The Design Village has done multiple design and design research projects with students and mentors for the Industry. The projects range from various design faculties and therefore brings together an interdisciplinary team. TDV students will be a vital part of these projects at the Design Factory India.

Some projects undertaken are mentioned below:

Mandi Research Project
Food production and distribution is a vital and an important aspect of every country and greatly affects the nation’s GDP. The Mandi is a platform in the distribution chain where sale and purchase of wholesale products takes place. This study aims to understand in depth the requirements of a Mandi with respect to its location, context, movement, morphology, functions, services, users/activities, ecology, and functioning systems.

L&T Inspiration Book Design
L&T IDPL are engineers in infrastructure development and hold a leadership position in India. To document L&T IDPL’s operation and maintenance division as well as share their experiences over the years, DFI was asked to design an inspirational book.

Luxury Bus Design
The term luxury has different connotations for different people. To create a universal luxury statement, JCBL asked DFI to design an intercity-long distance luxury bus and a school bus for the Indian market. The biggest challenge was to create modular solutions that are flexible enough to work with different chassis.

Luxury Bus Seat Design
Msl asked design factory india to design luxury seats for their overnight city busses. This will redefine the notion of luxury travelling and create a new option for the traveling classes. The seat design will combine the design needs of ergonomics, aesthetics and user psychology.

Furniture Design for School
Zolijns , a furniture boutique and design house presents an award winning European furniture with contemporary design to authors and influencers of living spaces. Design factory was asked to design and develop a furniture range for institutional and office spaces.

Grain Bag
Vestergaard wanted to create a pesticide treated grain storage solution that could be implemented with their existing production line. The budget could not exceed more than 50 cents per bag. The final design was presented by dfi at the 6th india international design innovation and ux conference held at iim Bangalore where, it bagged the runners up title in the academic showcase. Members of the team also visited the vestergaards factory in Vietnam where they were exposed to international working techniques.