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winner announcement ceremony

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tdv scholarship

being awarded at the meragra event

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honourable chief minister of up addressing the crowd

at the meragra design competition by up tourism and thedesignvillage

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the new logo for agra

launched at the tdv meragra competition


Meragra was one of the first city branding initiative in India. It was a graphic design competition that welcomed citizens to present their view of the city Agra and talk about its multiple facets not limiting to its history, culture, monuments, industries, food and crafts that constitutes and binds the city together. More than 7000 entries were received from all over the globe.

Building on these different perspectives and adding a lot more, a branding was developed for the city and its logo was unveiled by Honourabe Chief Minister Uttar Pradesh , Shri Akhilesh Yadav on February 14, a day that symbolises love globally. While addressing the audience, he said “Our cities have so much to offer but don’t know how to brand it. Taj Mahal is a symbol of love and itneeds to be celebrated. In a dialogue with The Design Village, the idea of city branding came up and I couldn’t resist extending support to this beautiful initiative.”

The ceremony was hosted at the TAJ NAture Walk where the winners were facilitated with cash prizes upto INR 3,00,000.

We use the letter A as a visual device that undoubtedly stands for Agra. The A is always the start of a story, therefor we combined it with a slightly abstract word that can be easily connected with Agra, for example:
– A Promise
– A romance
– A Mystery
– A future