kshitiz anand
india studio, director,
l’ecole de design nantes atlantique


10:00 – 11:30 am: Portfolio Making

i am. i can portfolio

aim: The aim of the workshop is to introduce the art of making a portfolio to participants who would be applying to Design Schools for graduate and post-graduate studies.

The workshop is divided into different parts to be covered in the span of 90 minutes.

  1. The basic questions to answer before starting (10 minutes)
    1. What is the purpose of creating a portfolio
    2. Who is the portfolio for (targeted towards)
  2. Why Create a portfolio discussion (10 minutes)
    1. What are the components of a portfolio
    2. What should it contain
    3. What should it reflect
  3. Create & Organize your work (60 minutes)
    1. Sample project on a topic to be created during the workshop
    2. Going from Idea to final representation of project
    3. Layout [Understanding grids and sizes]
  4. Present / Showcase of work done in the workshop [10 minutes]