sandip paul
product designer,
innovation consultant


Look…Don’t See! (Duration: 2 Hours)

aim: emphasis on the act of “Observation” as a necessary tool to design innovative products which are relevant to our context. How good designs are guided by user expectations, which are often felt but never fulfilled.

Everyday products, they are so numerous and ubiquitous. They form the material framework of our existence, enabling it to function, not only in practical or utilitarian terms, but also in ways that give pleasure, meaning and significance to our lives. But why don’t we notice them? Most of us travel by the same route every day, do similar tasks every day, go to same places and although we are awake and seeing things around us we are not actually looking at them consciously. Hence, such issues are frequently taken for granted. I would like to emphasize on the act of “Observation” as a necessary tool to design useful products with business potential.

Stage 1: Brief introduction to Contextual Innovation (10-15 min presentation by Paul Sandip)

Stage 2: Direction setting for participants and Idea Generation (Participants to make quick sketches in 45 minutes)

Stage 3: Concept Development
(Participants in groups to make Explanatory Scenario sketches / Paper-Thermocol Models in 60 minutes)

Stage 4: Idea Presentation
(Participants to give presentation of their work in Groups at the end of the workshop session.)