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Design Expeditions

Learning-by-exploring is essential for design. In order to evolve as a designer, it is important to provoke, evoke and inspire the mind to broaden one’s horizons and get ‘updated’. These annual tours – Archotour (International) and Dtour (indigenous) by Archohm and the Design Factory are design expeditions to renew the mental software. Passionate students from TDV will be permitted to go on these excursions.

The Archotour spans over ten days with eighteen people driving a thousand kilometers, camping and cooking and immersing themselves into design by visiting more than hundred design projects in some part of the developed world. A mixed group of interior designers, architects, structural engineers and other associated design faculties travel together to experience this design expedition.

Dtours are design walks organized in NCR to check out what is the latest that the city has to offer on art, architecture and design.