wet paint exhibition

By thedesignvillage, May 31, 2016

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” So does design thinking!

The quote beautifully explains the experiences of the foundation year students at The Design Village. The foundation year of B.Des batch 2015, which focused on the learning about the fundamentals of design and creation, was exciting in every possible way. The entire academic year was a rollercoaster ride. There were moments of tranquillity interrupted by occasional chaos. The students learnt and de-learnt, created, innovated and most of all realised that a designer can design anything! You just need to ideate, create and reiterate.

The academic year culminated with the student’s exhibition ‘Wet paint’ where they recreated their year-long experiences by displaying their work. The students’ works were exhibited from 23rd may onwards till 31st may, 2016 at the TDV campus in the heart of NOIDA city.

The exhibition highlighted the students’ yearlong work and intent. ‘Wet paint’ was the canvas where the students exhibited the foundation year works in the most creative way possible. The work was analysed and critiqued by the noted academicians and designers who appreciated the maiden creations by the students.

As a designer one needs to be constantly thriving for the very best, for the unseen and the undone; one needs to break through the routine and create own norms and there are no comfort zones. Wet paint was thus a great learning curve for the young designers who learnt the nuances of organising an exhibition of their own creation.