Things to Consider Before Choosing a Design College

By thedesignvillage, May 5, 2018


Do you consider yourself as a creative person and designing is your passion? We might have something imperative for you.

Design education is the foundation that builds stronger art structures. If you are considering Designing as a career option then we might help you in choosing the best design institute. It is one of the essential steps which will determine your future. Spend enough time in searching and selecting the right institute for you.

Here is a checklist that one should keep in mind while searching for The Best Designing College-
Facilities & Framework:

Don’t go with the huge buildings, stylish brochure and catchy ads of a college. Always go with the authentic college which provides subject-specific facilities. Attractive buildings do no good to you but an amazing Library with astonishing book collection can help you amp up your knowledge related to fashion, history and other things. A well-equipped laboratory with an upgraded version of the software can enhance the practical knowledge of students.

Faculty and Way of Teaching:

Always avoid a college which hires new faculties every year as this is not a positive sign. Check the credibility of faculties and visiting faculties of a college which may include big names. Check the experience and the style of teaching as this will describe the skill of a teacher which is very crucial for any college.

Placement Proportion:

There should be a dedicated cell in every college for the placement that will make the whole process easy and hassle-free. Cross check the reliability of a college and asks for enough credentials to support their promised placement percentage. This will give you a clean image of the company visits for placement in the college and you can easily decide.

Rewards & Recognition:

While researching, try getting your hands on the rewards and recognition of a particular college. With the increase in the number of designing aspirants, there are several institutes and colleges available that are providing many degrees ranging from diploma to pg courses.
Always check the accreditations of a college which can be easily derived by the moto, faculty, library, services and infrastructure. A recognised degree facilitates you with a well-equipped ladder to step up to reach your goal and get the employment of your choice.


Keep your eyes out and your mind open while researching for the best designing college in Delhi or anywhere. Talk to former students and get to know more about the college and its authenticity. This will surely be the short shot for your better future.
Happy Hunting!