The Fashion Designing Industry: Finding Inspiration In Nature

By thedesignvillage, April 24, 2018

ashion designing is applying the principles of design to clothing and accessories. It is a career line that is high on passion, dedication and originality. When you wear the glasses of a designer, every nook and corner speaks to you. Inspiration is all around designers. They can combine the blue of the evening sky with the gold spun threads of the sun rays or perhaps the pink of the lotus with the white of the clouds and create something beautiful. Designers have the world at their disposal to serve as a muse. Inspiration can be drawn from anywhere, nature, the history or our rich heritage.


Today, couture catwalks are taking us back to nature with the vivid blooms unfolding amidst expanses of green and the orange hue of the sunlight flaming the blue sky. From Elli Saab to Sabyasachi, designers are heavily drawing inspiration from nature. The floral print had entered the market a long time ago and shows no signs of leaving as yet. With the Bengal tiger as the official logo, Sabyasachi is a connoisseur of the Indian traditional garments and is known to add a dash of nature to all his outfits. He magnificently incorporates the abundant beauty of nature and its animals into his designs. He collaborated with the world renowned Christian Louboutin in order to create a beautiful range of foot wares that entailed the comprehensive temperament of nature.


Creativity is subjective, and this is what makes all of us unique. If you have a creative streak in you waiting to be unleashed, you may find fashion designing the perfect platform to give a free rein to your creativity. We are one of the top fashion designing colleges in Delhi that will stimulate your interaction with design and bring forth your originality. We at The Design Village will help you hone your skill, polishing them into sure insights and talent and facilitate your journey to be the next top designer. Being one of the top fashion designing colleges will let you truly discover your full potential.

The earthy fashion has been moulded in different forms from clothing (both traditional and western) to accessories. The rawness of nature is always a breath of fresh air. Our fashion designing course takes a holistic approach towards apparel design. A blend of global fashion aesthetics and our traditional Indian heritage, the curriculum helps in sensitizing students towards apparel and accessory design.