Temples of Architecture

By thedesignvillage, November 26, 2014

I am on a perpetual design expedition, exploring and understanding design that gives great pleasure and learning. to me, this is my only source of energy to design.

la Tourette monastery in southern France by le Corbusier definitely tops my list. it is here that i understood the master and saw him at his best. the control of light was sublime, the scale varied and literally ‘concretized’ form following function.

tadaoando’s conference centre and zahahadid’s fire station at the vitra campus have had an interesting impression on me. the design justifies its varied expressions in architecture and go beyond their functional obligations. they are in dialogue with other buildings as well as being statements on a global architectural movement. this multiplicity of effort and impression elevates the position of design.

the modernization of london’state modern by the swiss architects herzog and demuron are a great example of scale and space. from the iconic chimney to the entrance void; the introverted exhibit spaces to the public extroverted gestures are all skilfully organized.

kunsthall by rem koolhaas was a lesson during my stay in the Netherlands. it hit me more like a hangover as I gradually understood the Dutch design movement and its sense of contribution to global architectural in today’s context. the application of material and detail, the urban context, the theoretical gestures and their physical manifestations are all of an incredibly high intellect.

Aalto university by alvaraalto in espoo, suburban Helsinki,  is clearly the strongest reference to regional architecture. a complete course in a holistic approach to design.

the benz museum in stuttgart by ben van berkel is an epitome on form and function in modern times. a sculpted exploration that integrates all faculties of built design to bring in an exotic experience complimenting the sense of speed and motion of cars.

bouwkunde in delft, the Netherlands and school of architecture in ahmedabad are literally my temples, where I traditionally got my knowledge in this faculty and so a mention of them is mandatory.

last but not least, I live in my own temple, studio archohm where we work with design as our pure religion.  coincidentally, we were honoured yesterday by being judged as the office of the year – as an architectural project in Asia pacific by the famous property awards adjudicated in London.

-Sourabh Gupta- Design Dean & Founder- TDV

Archohm Studio, Noida - Temples of architecture

Archohm Studio, Noida