tdv foundation year

By thedesignvillage, August 8, 2016

The design village was ideated to bring the multidisciplinary design discipline under a single umbrella; aimed to nurture the budding designers and design enthusiasts in a collaborative, industry-centric ecosystem and bring a significant and progressive change in the society through design.

For a tdv alumnus design is not a career choice.”It has to be embraced as a very thoughtful choice of life through design and needs to be imbibed as personality.” states Sourabh Gupta, tdv design dean. For the realisation of the same, tdv has created a silo-less design ecosystem that encourages design interactions across disciplines. To further enhance the multidisciplinary nature of design, tdv has laid a comprehensive and all-inclusive foundation year where the undergraduates are given a broader view of various design disciplines. The curriculum, workshops, and design interactions are thoughtfully crafted to impart a comprehensive design education.

“A designer can design anything.”

Tdv ensures that the future designer feels empowered and capable of thinking out-of-box and courageous enough to enter the vast realm of design with an open mind and doesn’t get confined in a singular frame with myopic view.