Q & A with Mr. Christian Guellerin Executive Director, L’ École de Design Nantes Atlantique

By thedesignvillage, November 26, 2014

Christian Guellerin

Christian Guellerin

Mr. Christian Guellerin Executive Director, L’ École de Design Nantes Atlantique, Hon. President Cumulus, International Association of  Universities & Colleges of Art, Design and Media. Here’s a Q&A session with Mr Christian Guellerin.

Q-2 What are the new trends in design education?

We have witnessed an immense evolvement in the field of design in the last 10 years – a shift from school of creation to a school of innovation, the objective of the school is different now it is to become an entrepreneur of creation, a designer has to be creative , but the objective is to make your project real and pertinent. There is a paradigm shift we have to accept the social, economic responsibilities and multiply our relationships with big companies. Design schools are gradually being accepted as the school of management- the purpose is not to be creative but to share the ideas and make people work on new companies and ideas towards one cause and thought.

Q-4 What makes The Design Village unique from any other design institute in India?

The Design Village gives you exposure by experiencing and exploring design. The students are not just taught to be creative but also how to execute and transform their creativity into real time projects. The Design Village has been conceived to provide an international, interdisciplinary, industry-centric platform for design, In order to enhance the design quotient of the country. It’s an institute completely dedicated to design education


Q-5 what are the major things going to happen in the design education in the coming ten years?

The new era of entrepreneurship will emerge from design school, the socio-economic changes and different cultures we face will produce designers in the global world. We will soon witness end of marketing, mass marketing conception as virtue that will be more frugal. We are shifting o new world which is more social than economic. The designers now have the sense to become strategist and will occupy top positions in companies, to make these designers aware of the new responsibilities we have education hubs and centres like The Design Village in India as a centre of innovation to develop, practice, experimentation, relationship with municipalities and develop future entrepreneurs. Design education will improve the quality of life and add to the overall development of a nation.

Q-6 what can you say about job opportunities in the sector?

In the near future the designers will hold top position in the companies, they hold the capacity to draw represent and make it objective. The designers are all rounder -entrepreneurs, strategists, creators, engineers etc… Hiring designers is less problematic and delivers more profits. Many Big companies are looking out for designers and are gradually becoming more design centric e.g. Apple.

At The Design Village, the programs are housed in a professional environment under practicing mentors working on industry projects.  TDV thereby ensures direct exposure to the industry and enhances employability of its students with these professionals and industries.

Q-7 –What are the best institutes for design education outside India?

L’École de Design Nantes Atlantique, France


Q-8 How multicultural approaches in education institutes help develop the students?

The Design Village has a mix of Master level International students and Indian students working and studying alongside to facilitate an interesting multicultural peer-learning environment. French students can learn a lot from India its culture, its people and vice versa thus the mix of cultures and multiculturalism between French and Indian people is pertinent to the programs offered.


Q Why India?

It’s a country with a scale of a continent; it has a multi cultural environment and we have a lot to learn from India and Indians. This country has managed to face some major social, economic changes. The people of this country are innovative and a lot can be learnt from them. India will become one of the most powerful societies in the coming future.

-The Design Village