Meragra – a design competition !

By thedesignvillage, December 9, 2014

My View on the city of Taj

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The city of AGRA attracts more than 2.5 million domestic and foreign visitors annually.

To enhance the experience of the visitors and for creating a sense of belonging amongst citizens of India – the Uttar Pradesh government – is undertaking a project to create an identity for this vibrant city.

To fuel this intention meragra is a competition that welcomes views of the city of agra. What according to you does agra represent? What is your vision of the city?

Celebrating the city-a world destination-green and rich with handicrafts,world heritage sites and a world wonder.

Give a visualization of your view of the city, which speaks of multiple facets of its people, culture, monuments, industries, food, crafts and history. By means of poster represent your view of Agra

Category 1 : Below 18 years of age
Winner: INR 3, 00,000
1st Runner Up: INR 2, 00,000
3 Finalists: INR 1, 00,000

Category 2 : Above 18 years of age
Winner: INR 2, 00,000
1st Runner Up: INR 1, 00,000
3 Finalists: INR 50,000

Please submit the following documents according to the category you are applying in:
For category 1: Below 18 years of age
It is necessary to provide a proof of your age by a scan of the passport indicating the date of birth
Category 2: Above 18 years of age
It is necessary to provide a certificate of the respective college/university indicating that you are a graduate in any field. Provisional certificate will also be accepted.