Ladoo Some Love

By thedesignvillage, November 5, 2015

The bonfires are lit and the trees are swaying to the winter breeze. Delhi is finally feeling the onset of winter. But the winter gloom isn’t going to deter the students of The Design Village.

This Diwali, we the students, wish to ignite the light within, by sharing sweetness and goodwill through the humble means of a ‘ladoo’.

(Yeah, you heard right – a ladooooooooo! The mithai that makes you go… nom nom nom.)



So, what are we doing at Saket Select Citywalk this Diwali?

 The plan:  Create a ‘Geodesic dome’ measuring 12 ft high and 24 ft wide, entirely filled with Ladoos.

Oh teri! You’ve got to see it to believe it!


What’s so hatke* about this installation?

We are inviting you to prepare ladoos with us, and place them in the dome. All the ladoos – round, square, rhombus – shaped by you will be distributed among underprivileged street children.


In this mad fun of making ladoos, there will be selfie points to capture your perfect ladoo moment.


And not to forget, you’re helping light up more smiles than crackers.

What does this mean to us, the students of The Design Village?

We have put in all we’ve got to make this happen. From ideation and sleepless nights to issues with Space, Product, and Graphic Design – we are conquering it one step at a time.

(Seriously. We have zombie pictures to prove it!)

Our only hope is to brighten this Diwali even more with our installation.

-Cleon D’Souza

TDV Villager