Interview with Mr. Chad Crowe – an illustrator & cartoonist

By thedesignvillage, November 26, 2014

Here’s an Interview with  Mr. Chad Crowe, an illustrator and a cartoonist. Mr Chad Crowe had a very impressive career path. He has been a winner of several design awards. Mr Chad Crowe is a very charismatic speaker; conducting a workshop on illustration and visual techniques at tdv !

Mr. Chad Crowe conducting workshop

Mr. Chad Crowe conducting workshop

Mr. Chad Crowe conducting workshop

Mr. Chad Crowe conducting workshop



Q-1 How is the design sensibilities in the west different from than in India?
This is a great question, and as I am primarily an illustrator and cartoonist (and not a Designer) and have only lived in Delhi for three months, I am lacking the holistic perspective someone in the field of design that has traveled throughout the country might have. It would seem the affluence the west has enjoyed over the past century allowed for more time and funding to focus on experimental design, including creating public spaces and architecture with a more community-minded focus. India, perhaps, hasn’t had this economic position of luxury to be able to put resources to experimental design in the past. But this must be changing rapidly, as India is quickly developing in many sectors, including design, which comes as a result of the massive economic growth (compared to the stagnating economic growth in the west).

I would imagine the possibilities are endless. As an illustrator and cartoonist, people always are drawn to humour and visuals to convey messages, and it helps to create a starting point for dialogue on different viewpoints. Regarding design, humans are always accidentally creating problems that need to be solved, so there will always be a need for creative minds to address new challenges. As regarding positions for designers, I am not in the design field so can’t speak of the actual employment situation. Learning low-cost solutions to solving energy and environmental issues would seem to be an important focus now, and in the future.

Q-3 How was experience conducting the lecture for design students at TDV?
It was a wonderful experience. I had a chance to share my work and talk about some of the artists, designers and sculptors that I find inspiring to a receptive and dedicated group of young designers of diverse backgrounds. I also learned about cultural differences in perspectives on an assignment I handed out, which further explains the importance of cross-cultural meetings and collaborations.

Q-4 a piece of advice for all the young design aspirants out there

Learn the basics and foundations of your craft. Really study it, and the history to how it has become what it is today. Compare different solutions from different countries to similar problems. And school can be very helpful for these aspects, and learning viewpoints from your fellow students.

Most importantly, find two or three people’s work that really inspires you. You must have gone into this discipline for a reason other than pure economics.

-The Design Village


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