Interior Designing – A Career Turnover for Design Enthusiasts

By thedesignvillage, May 22, 2018

As the population in the urban cities goes on increasing, and the space of living goes on decreasing, people are finding themselves in a bigger fix when it comes to decorating their spaces. Whether you talk about residential spaces or office areas, the need for a professional to take the ‘whole look and appearance’ into control has been on the rise. In times like these, the interior designers are the ones who come as a savior for all. What started out as a luxury that only the rich could afford, is slowly and gradually becoming a need for most living in limited spaces.

best colleges for interior design

The next need in interior designing – more colleges

As the need for interior designers is witnessing a boom, it is only understandable and expected that the need for more and more institutions providing a degree or a diploma in interior designing see a rise too. Gone are the days when interior designing was hidden under the shadow of architectural studies and civil engineering. Today, the field of interior designing has its own essential space in the designing industry with more takers for the talent than ever. Moreover, the interior designing industry has been growing at a rate of 20 percent per annum since the year 2015.

Just how well paying is the interior designing industry?

When we talk about the remuneration and incentives earned by interior designers, it is safe to say that the starting packages that can be expected by one at the entry level can be around 4 lakhs per annum while the highest package, well, the sky is the limit! While it is a well-stated fact that making it big in the interior designing industry is no cake walk, it is also a well-established understanding that there is not a single boring day while on the job.

best colleges for interior design

So if there has ever been a right time to take the plunge into the interior designing industry, it is definitely now. While on your search for the best colleges for interior design, don’t forget to check out The Design Village, Noida, which offers the highest rated bachelors and masters’ courses for aspiring designers.