Fashion Designing – The Field With A Creative Edge

By admin, June 21, 2018

They say fashion isn’t what we wear, it is a statement that we make, and that is why it is most often even called a ‘fashion statement’. Unlike technology, that is a thing of the present, fashion is something that can be traced back to the Stone Age. What one dressed as or what was the basic form of clothing during that phase is something that can be seen as a major characteristic of the Stone Age. Similarly, over the years and centuries that passed, the trends of fashion and fashion statement as a whole have gone through a tremendous change. Each era or phase of the civilization can be defined by the prevailing fashion trends of the time. Many can often be heard of talking about the ‘years of corsets’ or even using phrases like ‘it was during the time of bell-bottoms’ which clearly shows the importance of fashion in our society.

Given the richness in the value of the industry, it is safe to say that the fashion designing industry has been and will continue to be an eminent part of our society. Due to the same, one can notice a rapid increase in aspiring fashion designers, not only in India, but across the globe. If we speak of our nation alone, the fashion designers have over the years proven their mettle on a global level by many a times being the faces behind the gorgeous looks sported by Hollywood stars too. Thus it can be safe to say that the Indian designers are growing and will continue to shine in the times to come.

To help the future generations of fashion designers grow on a global standard, the designing institutes in India too are taking a jump in changing and modifying their curriculum. What once revolved around theoretical programs is now making a slight shift towards the practical experiences. The education system is thus also evolving with the changes in the trends in the market. One of the best fashion designing institutes in Delhi, NCR is The Design Village in Noida. TDV has grown to be known over the years of its life as one of the premier institutions that focuses on the need of the hour and works accordingly towards building an upward sloping graph of growth for its students. The curriculum at TDV includes putting the students through a rigorous routine of learning that enables them to graduate with the capacity of facing all obstacles in their professional spheres. Thus if you’re looking for the best fashion designing institute in the capital city of India, look no further than The Design Village.