DTALKS at The Design Village

By thedesignvillage, November 21, 2014

DTALKS at The Design Village

DTALKS at The Design Village

On Saturday, 1st November 2014, The Design Village-The Interdisciplinary, Industry-centric Design institute organised  DTALKS at the design village. These Design talks form a unique design and knowledge forum that provided an excellent platform for decision- makers from the design industry association to interact and discuss various key topics; topics for this DTALKS at the design village were Design and Emotion, Designing for Death, Branding Spaces , Service Design, Shifts in Indian Design Education System and Life Through Design.

The forum was attended by 100 design students from across the city who engaged in a healthy question answer round through its key topics and interactive panel discussion with the following key speakers-

1) Paul Hekkert – Form Theory, UX and Aesthetics Specialist, Professor and Head of Development, Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering & Delft University of Technology

2) Jeroen van Erp  – Co-founder and Creative Director at Fabrique communications and Design

3) Dr. IR. Marieke H. Sonneveld – Assistant Professor at Delft University of Technology; Former Mentor Master Man & Humanity at Design Academy Eindhoven

4) Anna Catharina Noyons- Chief Product Officer at Peerby, PhD researcher at TU Delft

5) Vishwanath Kashikar- Assistant Professor, Faculty of Architecture, CEPT University

6) Sourabh Gupta- Design Dean-The Design Village, Principal Architect-Archohm Consults

According to professor Vishwanath Kashikar – Choosing a design course is not like water tight boxes. All design courses are linked, TDV allows the exposure and freedom to learn from various sources around.

The Design Village in Noida, NCR serves as the Asia Campus in India for its French partner school L’École de design Nantes Atlantique. French students from the undergraduate program opt to choose between the China campus and India campus to study the Transcultural Design program at the Masters level. The Design Village has made this course available to Indian students as well. In addition, TDV offers Undergraduate programs in Graphic Design, Product Design and Interactivity, Space (Interior) Design, Industrial Design and Fashion Design. At a postgraduate level, programs in Graphic Design and Interior Architecture are offered, The curriculum and quality of these courses has been developed and validated by L’École de design Nantes Atlantique.