Design Industry

By thedesignvillage, April 23, 2015

Design has the power to influence a nation’s development, infrastructure growth, economies, and hence the quality of life. It is the tool which can elevate, celebrate and incubate the diversity, chaos and cultural mix that our country represents. Design drives innovation and helps enhance competitiveness of our industries, manufacturing as well as service- based. Thus, it becomes a serious economic factor that needs to be considered particularly in regards to city viability.

Manufacturing industry is the biggest design user, closely followed by consumer goods and retail. These small design firms often work with companies much larger than themselves, driving design and innovation. Architecture, Interior, Animation / New Media, Fashion Design are leading domains within the design industry. Other design domains such as graphic design, industrial design, and human computer interaction are growing at a fast clip. The need of the hour is to use design as a way to develop business models, strategic thinking and innovation as the industry is maturing and needs design thinking as a tool to create differentiation and sustain. Thus, design and its application in business strategy, management and marketing is required for holistic growth.

In its hunger to enhance the design quotient of India, The design village aims to provide an international, industry centric and interdisciplinary platform for design. Establishing its affinity to India, as a first step to bring its global exposure on design ‘to and for’ India the design village has started three postgraduate master level programs in association with Le’cole de design Nantes Atlantique. . The Indian and international mix of students, faculties and programs creates an inspiring ambience that facilitates interaction and learning and ensures holistic development of its students. Design entrepreneurship is another aspect that is laid importance at The Design Village as designers also need to educate the industry about the need of design and its crucial role in improving business efficiencies, productivity and margins, increase revenues and achieve higher market share and accelerated growth.