Design education | India vs Abroad

By thedesignvillage, November 26, 2014

Design education – India vs Abroad

Speaking of students, in India, a career choice is barely and rarely an individual’s decision. Since parents bear the cost of education, they play a pivotal role in deciding what avenue their child should opt for. Various socio-economic factors influence this choice. This leads the student to pick a course, not because he is interested in the field and passionate about it, but because it is what will make him/her employable or earn him a respectable status in the society. This is indeed a sad reality, but students today study to earn and not to learn. The main reason is because our society is still functional and not experiential.

Initially everyone would just succumb to this reality. However, things are changing since numerous young creative artists in the country have an engineering degree to please their parents and a master’s degree in the arts or design education to pursue their true passion.

In sharp contrast, across the world, design and design education is seen in a different light. Since design has evolved from culture and heritage and has impacted societies and civilizations of the west in a crucial way, it is a well-researched and respectable vocation there. Students pursue interests in design education because they want to and are interested in it, rather than being coaxed into studying it because they couldn’t get admission elsewhere. This is also because the infrastructure of these nations, predominantly in Europe and America, is robust enough to cater to the population of students for higher education in.

If one chooses what one is passionate about, the chances of the student becoming successful and satisfied are much higher than otherwise. In India, the society really needs to give the liberty to students to choose pursual of career interests in the field they are passionate about.

-Mridu Sahai- Chief Operating Officer- TDV