A career in design

By thedesignvillage, December 7, 2016

There is often a misnomer that “ design “ is an artistic endeavor, non-scientific and non-technical.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Design encompasses subjects at large. Influences from history, culture, sciences, anthropology, all form critical content, which forms a part of a design curriculum.

As a designer you imbibe information, you observe and analyze and look at the world surrounding you in an objective manner.  Observation leads to a sensitive understanding of an environment which in turn allows the designer to create and value add to existing situations and communication.

In a complex changing global scenario, a designer forms a crucial link in the matrix of  “ change”.

Designers today work in large conglomerates, design studios, NGO,s, media, publishing , and often become entrepreneurs.

The returns are plenty. Not just monetary, but a deep satisfaction of seeing a creative output being put to essential use, viewed and experienced by all.

So, how do you attain a career in design? Students from any stream of learning can apply to a plethora of existing design schools. You need some skill, some intuition, and a positive attitude towards learning.

Design education is not for the “ fainthearted’ or for those that imagine it to be “art “. It is a rigorous learning often working days and nights. “Coffee and stamina” may be just what you need! To become that person that is exalted into the position of “ designer”.

Once there, is world opens up like a large canvas waiting to be filled. Careers abound, and good designers are a rare breed, coveted and much needed.

So, imagine a world without boundaries, seamless waiting to be stitched by creative minds, to create a new wondrous world.

lolita dutta
academic head ,tdv