7 Reasons You Need To Care About Product Design?

By thedesignvillage, January 22, 2018

Consumers across the globe are increasingly becoming aware of the fact that a good product design is not just about making things look pretty and eye-catching. Rather the product design is now being recognized as the structured process towards problem solving and building empathy with the end users. That is why it has become quite common for a product design college to educate its students about the increasing importance for business organizations today to master product design in manner that fulfils the needs and expectations of their end users. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that product design has already started playing a critical role in ensuring the success or failure of a product and this trend is likely to increase exponentially in the future. Discussed below are the top reasons that explain the need for business organizations to care about their product design.

1. Good Product Design Equates To Greater Customer Trust

Product Design Customer Trust

A well designed product is likely to lay a deeper positive impression on the end users as compared to a poorly designed one. This in turn can help in building a relationship that is based on trust about the quality and usability of the product. The students of product design courses in India are often educated about how greater trust generally means loyal customers and a gradual increase in the market reach through word of mouth publicity. That is why most successful brands spend a considerable amount of their funds on design research and conceptualization.

2. Product Design – An Effective Marketing Tool

Product Design Can Work As An Effective marketing Tool

It is not uncommon for people to remember a product by the manner in which it has been designed, even if they forget its actual name or other specifications. Using specific colours, packing materials and even texts and fonts all form a part of the product design policy. When done in the right manner, the design can lay a lasting imprint in the mind of the end users, and thus perform the task of an efficient marketing tool, the next time they are out to buy it.

3. A Good Design – Set A Product Apart

TDV - Good Design - Set A Product Apart

A well thought of product design can help organizations to make their goods stand apart from the crowd. In the highly competitive modern business environment, it is becoming increasingly difficult for business to catch and retain the attention of their end users. That is why the trainees at a top ranked product design colleges are always thought to focus on creating innovative designs that are both appealing and user friendly to make them easily identifiable even from far.

4. Product Designs – Build Positive Brand Image

TDV - Can Help Build A Positive Brand Image

Companies that pay a lot of attention towards creating innovative product designs do not need to work too hard towards building a strong and positive brand image. This is because the unique and sturdy designing of their products assures the target audiences about the commitment of the organization towards fulfilling customer needs quite satisfactorily. Thus investing in product design process provides additional marketing benefits without adding to costs of making the customers aware of the brand.

5. Use Good Designs – Capitalize On Trends

TDV - Capitalize On Trends

Popular product designs are almost always built up on a new market trend. However, only good designs can make the most of these trends and turn the product designs into memorable experiences for the users. In fact, some product design courses in India actually teach their students about the importance and the need of capitalizing on good design trends for enhanced business growth and profitability.

6. Good Product Designs – Influence Buying Decisions

TDV - Good Product Designs Influence Buying Decisions

There is no denying the fact that good product designs can actually help in increasing the sale value for most products. A good design not only helps in attracting the end users, but also helps them to understand the company values, ideas and objectives in an interesting manner. It motivates them to take action and this can prove to be an extremely vital factor for making the right buying decision. In fact, enhancing the product design even slightly is known to have improved the profitability margins of business organizations quite significantly.

7. A Good Designs – A Language

TDV - A Good Designs - A Language

One of the biggest reasons that prevent a business to expand its market reach is their inability to transcend the barriers of language. However, a good product design acts as a language on its own. A well designed product speaks through its performance and efficiency for which there is a singular universal language understood by consumers across the globe.  Such products tend to communicate visually with the users rather than using words or symbols of scripts to pass on the necessary information to the end users.

The above pointers make it quite clear as to why focusing on product design is becoming such a big deal even for the smallest businesses. In fact, it would not be wrong to state that the significance of good product designs is far greater for such ventures.